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The Journal of LaGloria Davis

First of all I must give thanks to Almighty God, the Dean and Mrs. Adderley and all the lovely members of Cathedral Church for affording me the opportunity to make this Pilgrimage with them.

While driving in the bus from the airport to Jerusalem, the one hour drive was very scenic as we passed Olive Groves, Citrus Orchards, and lots of fields and hills upon hills and mountains. This took me back to Psalm 121: “I will lift up mine eyes to the hills from whence cometh my help.” Seeing these hills gives new meaning to this Psalm for me when I read it now, because I can visualize them and also experience the true meaning of the hills.

The joy of the pilgrimage was the whole experience of walking in the foot steps of Jesus, stranding on the mountaintops, sailing on the Galilean Lake, and walking in the Kidron Valley, the Way of The Cross, the Shepherd’s Field, and all the other sites visited.

When we look at the distance(s) we have to travel today via automobiles and we complain, we only have to stop and look back in Jerusalem and marvel at the long distance Jesus and His disciples and the people of His time traveled via hills and valleys on donkey and/or foot; I asked myself many times on the pilgrimage, my God, how did they do it with the weather conditions in sweltering heat, in summertime, and cold rain/snow chilly air in the winter time? After that experience, I said Lord I don’t have anything to complain about. Life was hard in those days and they were content with what little they had and they made the best of it in spite of everything.

My horizon has broadened tremendously and whenever I read my Bible now, I am better able to relate to the scriptures and get a clearer understanding. My experience was great despite loosing a pair of water shoes on our visit to the Dead Sea. I will not trade that experience for anything in this world.

And seeing the multitudes he went up to a high mountain and He opened his mouth and taught them saying:” “Blessed are the poor in spirit; Blessed are the meek.

We were all poor in our minds before the pilgrimage and we became humble and meek after experiencing this pilgrim journey our lives have been enriched not just in spirit but in mind and body and equipped to tell the story just like the Shepherds did on that first Christmas Eve night because He is alive in us.

from LaGloria Davis

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