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Jesus’ visit to Martha’s house didn’t go well and there was a bit of a tiff between the sisters.

Martha, one of the sisters is, upset and sulking as nobody helped her with getting a meal for Jesus. Mary has got into the listening mode, and is sitting at the feet….the posture of a disciple, allowing the other to do the work.

A strange story. It’s about listening. The first thing a disciple should do. Action comes later.

Such a big thing. Human listening and listening to God. We need a listening ear often in life and in difficult times an ounce of listening is worth a ton of exhortation! When bad things happen we want to be heard. People who have been abused want to be heard and in being heard you know your experience matters. When we are young we need hours of listening. Often the better part in a relationship for some time is to listen. Behind the words, to the words not spoken, to the mood and the words.

Two Foods
Two types of food were on offer on this afternoon visit of friends…the food of Martha and the food of Jesus’ word. We need time to hear the word of God. It is a principal way to keep our faith strong.

Valuing the word of God every day will bring our faith into action. And our service of God will make more sense of scripture.

The visit of Jesus went right when the right food was put on the table at the right time, and that food was the word of God. Other food might come later.

Mary’s faith grew as she listened, and this would show itself later in action. Maybe Martha’s activity would bring her to hear the word of God in a new way?

Lord, help me to listen well to your word, and to cries for help from any of your people.

Fr. Donald Neary

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