My Dear Friends,

The school year has begun and I believe that parents are often more excited than the children, to get them out of the house and the fridge. Thank God school is open!!!

Today as we pray for our children, educators and school personnel, let us resolve to do better this year and improve our grades (as students) as well as improve on our Parental involvement ( as parents).

Here are some tips for us all:-
  1. StudentsGet as much as you can from school you cannot rewind the clock and go back.

  2. ParentsGo to P.T.A. meetings as often as you can be in the know with the school.

  3. StudentsTry to put down your cell phone at least an hour or two every night and do something different besides glare at a phone.

  4. Parents - Every so often, check your child's bag no matter how old the child is. You might be surprised at what you find.

  5. StudentsAs you approach this new school year, start to think ahead. This may include, assignments, graduation, careers etc. Be proactive make plans, do your research and implement your plan of action.

  6. Parents Check what your children are doing late at night in their rooms. They might not be studying!!!
Have a good school year everybody.

Rev'd. Fr. Colin Humes