We are also at the beginning of another year. A time we can use for prayer, reflection, resolutions and setting goals. I do, however, often feel it is the only time many Christian's look back more than forward. I encourage us to look forward. The media is filled with commentaries on the year that is now consigned to history, and speculative predictions on what lies ahead. Human beings have always marked time by significant events. The real question is not whether we will mark time, but how we will make the most of the time allotted to us.

January the first is also celebrated liturgically as The Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus. This feast day is interesting due to its significance. It is a day that has multiple instances of significance. The first is that it is the day on which the child that Mary delivered and Joseph protected and cared for is now officially given the name of Jesus. The second is that the child would undergo circumcision as well. Both of these acts would occur eight days after the child was born, per Jewish ritual outlines in the Book of Leviticus.

This feast day is a remembrance of another step in the life of Jesus. It reminds us that Jesus is a Jewish child with Jewish parents and grows up to be a Jewish man. He is the Messiah, the Saviour. We, at times, overlook the childhood of Jesus because of the lack of source material. However, considering the lack of information, we should cherish the information that we have. So it is indeed a time to reflect and celebrate. So again, how will we use this time?

For the Christian, time is not meant to become a tyrant ruling over us. Rather, it is intended to be a teacher, instructing and presenting us with opportunity and invitations to walk the way of love. Rather than being dreaded as a foe, time is to be cultivated as a friend. Its role and reach is a part of the redemptive loving plan of God. In the Incarnation, the Eternal Word became flesh; breaking into time to transform it from within.

The Lord who created time, now gives us time as a gift. By entering into time He removed the curse it held over all humans by defeating death. In Him, time now becomes a field of choice wherein we can grow in holiness, experience true happiness and find real freedom.

What events and what messages are we proclaiming with the time allotted us? How do we view time? Is it a tyrant ruling over us? Or, is it a tutor, teaching us the way to live our lives in this world so that they open into eternity?

Happy New Year!! God Bless.

Rev'd. Fr. Colin Humes