They said to Him, "Everyone is looking for You." - Mark 1:37

No one is indispensable! Most of us readily agree with that statement but live as if we do not believe it. We complain, "I simply can't do it all!" yet keep right on trying to do it all.

The Gospel Mark describes Jesus as He faced many demands on His time. There was no end to the people who crowded to see what He could do for them, and it wore him out. How did He do it all? His priorities determined His use of time. He withdrew regularly to get time alone with His Father for rest and prayer. Notice how Jesus gains strength and endurance from the Father's love by being in prayer. Jesus needed time alone with the Father to refocus and recuperate, but it wasn't long before his friends interrupted the break. What was his response? "Everyone is looking for You" (Mk. 1:37). But Jesus replied, "Let us go to the neighbouring towns, so that I may preach there also".

The companionship and guidance He received from the Father in that brief retreat gave him energy to spread his ministry throughout all of Galilee. Whenever Jesus turned His face toward one responsibility, He had to turn His back on another, just as we must do. However, instead of letting the pressure of unmet needs determine His direction, He responded according to His sense of God's purpose. He perfected that sense daily through solitude and prayer with His Father - and so should we.

The message is also for us to get our priorities from the Lord, so as to not be frustrated when we find we cannot do it all.

Rev'd. Fr. Colin Humes