A rich ?sherman with tons of expensive ?shing gear was not catching any fish. A little boy nearby with primitive equipment ?lled a stringer. In desperation the rich fellow asked the little boy, "How do you do it?" The boy answered, "I just stay out of sight better than you do."

"Staying out of sight" is one of the keys to an effective Christian life. You have heard it said: "Anything could be done if we did not care who got the credit." How true, but it is human nature to want to be "seen."

Another has said: "Religion is beautiful until it shows." In other words, do good but do not seek the glory. Stay out of sight. This was part of the Pharisees' problem, was it not? Praying to be seen of men. Giving...fasting...doing benevolence...all to be seen by others and to receive the praise.

A lot of good could be accomplished in any congregation if God's people would stop putting self into view. How many times is an idea or a project killed or severely hindered because someone makes it known it is not what he wishes, likes, or initiated?

The little boy said staying out of sight was the key to catching fish. It will help us get on with what we are supposed to be doing too.

Tom Bedichek