Lent is a good time to look back and examine our lives and just try to see how we have pursued our walk with the Lord. It means looking deep into our hearts to see just how close we are or how far we have been to Him. It is a time to face up to our shortcomings and see how well we have adhered to Jesus' criteria of living in wholesome humility.

Humility is taught to us by God once we decide to open our hearts to Him. It is something we can acquire only from God when we commit ourselves to Him, leaving behind all our cares and all that we are while seeking to become all that God desires us to be. It is a total giving up of self and without any reservation in favour of a lifelong and enduring relationship with our Lord.

Humility changed a lot people especially those whom God initially called to work for Him. Peter is one good example. He was changed by our Lord and made humble. As such Peter was able to submit his heart to God instead of always insisting on his viewpoints even with our Lord Jesus. Humility changed the way he dealt with his co-workers. He no longer found himself as being more important but realized that just as Jesus was a Servant, he too was a servant many times less than the others. Humility brought Peter to his proper place eventually receiving the mandate to build God's Church. He was able to accomplish his work for the Lord because he humbly gave more and more of himself rather than taking in from others and his co-workers. In his humble state, he enabled God to give him the greatness that he deserved.

If God did that to Peter, we too have a good chance to be humble and be like our Lord Jesus. Amidst the confusion and the conflict that prevails within us and amongst us, if we just repent of our ways and ask God for the grace to be humble and be able to forgive one another, He will bless us and lead in re-building the Church that He Himself built for all of us. If we only open our hearts to Him and faithfully follow Him, God will give us the humility we need to serve Him and His people and He will grant us what we need to reach our final destination.

This Lenten season let us all consider looking into how we failed our Lord - how arrogant we have been to Him and His people especially in the conduct of our own ministry. Has our work for the Lord and the honor and responsibility that went with it, somehow, puffed us up in pride or has it brought us down on our knees to implore God's grace upon His beloved?

Let us look deep into our hearts and ask ourselves if our ministry has been marred by self-centeredness that it became a habit to look at the imperfections of our co-workers and condemning them for having failed the standards we ourselves have set for them.

Rev'd. Fr. Colin Humes