Special Music Tribute (from Adrian Archer, Director of Music)

At the 9 am service for Sunday, January 26th, 2020 the choir sings the anthem "Come My Way" by the late Mark Schweizer (1956-2019). A native of Florida, Mark Schweizer received music degrees from Stetson University in Deland, Florida and the University of Arizona including a doctoral degree in vocal performance. Mark lived in North Carolina where he served as editor of St. James Music Press. He is the author of fifteen "Liturgical Mystery" novels, as well as other books, and several opera and musical librettos. His published musical compositions can be found in the catalogues of Concordia Publishing House, H.T. Fitzsimmons, Lorenz, Selah Publishing, Musik Fabrik, and St. James Music Press. Our Cathedral Choir, who has subscribed and performed music from St. James Music Press for many years, joins a number of choirs around the world in performing this work today in tribute to Mark. May his soul rest in peace.

Why Your Child Should Join A Choir:


Research data continues to affirm: Music is essential in a child's spiritual, musical and intellectual development. Here are some stats which show the importance of making sure your child/grandchild is involved in a children's choir.
  1. Choir helps children develop creative problem-solving skills.
  2. Movement activities in choir stimulate the development of the inner ear, which impacts coordination and athletic ability.
  3. choir offers movement activities that cross the midline, which stimulates communication between the left brain and right brain.
  4. Songs in choir combines text, melody, harmony, rhythm and movement - activating the higher learning centers of the brain.
  5. Choir develops discipline, concentration, cooperation and self-confidence which carry over into other areas of life.
  6. Choir involves reading, anticipating, listening and memorization skills that enhance academic pursuits.
  7. Choir allos children to praise God with body, mind, spirit and voice.
  8. Choir helps the 17 percent of children who need special instruction to discover their singing voice.
  9. Choir helps children learn to use their singing voice properly.
  10. Choir presentation help children conquer fear and take positive risks.
  11. Singing is a gift you can give children that will last their entire lives.
  12. Choir includes rhythmic activities, which helps children develop sequential ordering and organizational skills.
  13. Choir creates a sound track for life - a faith database of spiritual truth.
  14. Choir plants scriptural truth in the brain through rhythm, rhyme and repetition for a lifetime.
  15. choir makes a significant contribution to a child's understanding of God and the experience of worship and worship leadership.
The Cathedral Youth Choir rehearses on Saturdays at 6 pm in The choir Room at the The Dean Patrick L. Adderley Parish Hall. For more information, please contact Mr. Adrian Archer, Director of Music. Email: adrianarcher26@gmail.com


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